Our signature StoryDance program consists of 4 dance styles, 6 unique classes and over 330 stories ranging from classic fairytales to action adventures and all our favorites from the wide world of children’s literature. These stories are mapped out on a 2-year cycle that allows the students (and the teachers!) to re-visit their favorites while ensuring that children will always have something new to look forward to since most stories will not be repeated within the 2 year age bracket that makes up the class. Each class is specially created to captivate the imagination of our students while they learn dance technique, pantomime, acting and develop a life long love of the arts.


Tot-n-Tow -Ages 20 months – age 3

Adult and child join together in this magical, fun class
that introduces children to coordination and basic dance moves.

Once Upon a Dance Ages - 3 & 4

This class is the perfect option for children who are ready to take their first independent dance class. Favorite stories the kids love will captivate their imaginations, while they learn basic movement and dance steps.

Storybook Ballet - Ages 5 -7

Classic tales from history’s great ballets such as: Swan Lake, Coppelia, The Sleeping Beauty, and the Nutcracker as well as some other childhood favorites. This more advanced class utilizes the terminology and philosophy of the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum.

Tappin’ Tales- Ages 5 – 7

A perfect introduction to tap, this class also uses costumes and props as students learn basic tap technique in a fun atmosphere. This class includes all your Broadway favorites and more!

Operation Hip Hop- Ages 5 – 7

Each week a new mission and each class a new adventure for your little Superhero! Boys and girls will both enjoy learning hip hop moves that are age-appropriate and costumes worthy of taking flight!

Folkloric Fables- Ages 5 – 7

Everyone on board the magic carpet for this Middle Eastern folkloric form of dance the kids will love. Learn basic steps and terminology as they dance through the classic stories of the 1001 Arabian Nights and some modern favorites as well.