Dance classes at Soulfire Studios begin with children as young as 20 months old and continue through the adult professional level.

We have dancers from 20 months all the way through 76 years old taking regular classes with us! It’s never too late to find the perfect dance class for you!


Our Signature StoryDance Program is carefully designed to engage and inspire our youngest dancers. These classes are for ages 20 months through 7 years old and provide the perfect foundation for the pre-professional program.

Youth Dance Classes

Soulfire Studios offers Pre-Professional classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, and Tap for ages 5-18. We also have 4 performance companies that students may audition to join.

ABT Ballet Program

Soulfire Studios teaches American Ballet Theater’s National Training Curriculum in all of our pre professional ballet classes. This breakthrough nine-level program combines high quality artistic training with the essentials of dancer health and child development.

Adult Ballet Dancers take class at Soulfire Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes for all ages and abilities, beginners through professionals!

Schedule By Age & Program

No Regular Classes During The Summer!

Looking for something to do? Check out our camps for children ages 3-8 years old!

Season Starts August 6th 2018!

StoryDance ~ Tot-N-Tow
Ages 20mo. – 3.5yrs.

Tuesday           10:30 am
Thursday           5:30 pm
Saturday            9:30 am
Saturday          11:30 am

Once Upon a Dance (Ballet)~ StoryDance 

Ages 3– 5yrs

Tuesday         10:30 am

Thursday       4:30 pm

Thursday       6:30 pm

Friday          5:00pm

Saturday        9:30 am

Saturday        11:30 am

Saturday          12:30 pm

Rap N’ Tap (Tap/Hip-Hop Combo) ~ StoryDance

Ages 3 – 7yrs

Thursday        5:30 pm

Saturday        10:30 am

StoryDance ~ StoryBook Ballet
(Primary a/b)
Ages 5 – 7yrs.

Thursday       4:30 pm
Saturday        10:30 am

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet ~
Primary a/b

Ages 6 – 7yrs.

Monday          6:00 pm
Tuesday        4:30 pm
Saturday        12:30pm

Pre-Professional Beginning Tap
Ages 6 – 7yrs

Tuesday          5:15 pm

Beginning Hip-Hop/Jazz

Ages 5 – 7yrs.

Monday         5:15 pm

Beginning Acro

Ages 5 – 7yrs.

Monday         4:30 pm

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Primary C
Minimum age 7yrs. Required to enroll in 2 days per week

Tuesday          6:00 pm
Wednesday     4:30 pm
Saturday        10:30am

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Level 1a/1b
Instructor Approval Required

Monday          4:30 pm
Thursday        4:30 pm
Saturday       10:30 am

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Level 2a
Instructor Approval Required

Monday          6:30 pm
Thursday        6:15 pm

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Level 2b
Instructor Approval Required

Monday          6:30 pm
Wednesday    5:30 pm
Thursday       6:15 pm

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Level 3/4
Instructor Approval Required

Monday          6:00 pm
Tuesday          7:00 pm
Friday             4:00 pm

Pre-Professional ABT Ballet
Level 5
Instructor Approval Required

Monday         6:00 pm
Tuesday         4:40 pm
Thursday       6:00 pm
Friday           4:30 pm

Velocity Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical
Minimum age 11yrs.

Tuesday          6:30 pm

Velocity Ballet/Jazz/Tap
Minimum age 11yrs.

Friday         6:00 pm

Velocity Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary
Minimum age 11yrs.

Monday        5:30 pm

Modern 1

Instructor Approval

Thursday          7:45 pm


Modern 2 & 3

Instructor Approval

Saturday        12:30 pm


Contemporary 1 & 2
Minimum age 8yrs.

Friday          4:00 pm


Tap 1 & 2
Minimum age 8yrs.

Wednesday          5:30 pm

Hip Hop 1 
Minimum age 8yrs.

Tuesday         5:30 pm

Hip Hop 2 & 3
Minimum age 11yrs.

Tuesday         4:30 pm

Broadway Jazz 1
Minimum age 8yrs.

Friday         5:00 pm

Broadway Jazz 2 & 3
Instructor Approval

Saturday         11:30am

Acro 1
Minimum age 8yrs.

Wednesday        6:30 pm

Acro 2
Instructor Approval

Wednesday        4:30 pm

More Adult Classes

Coming Soon!

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