Extra Magical Performances

Get ready to make your dancer's performance experience truly unforgettable at Soulfire Studios! We offer a range of fun ways for parents to sprinkle in that extra touch of magic. We have the classic real flowers to show dancers they performed beautifully and we also have keepsake silk flowers you can collect at each performance until you have a beautiful bouquet that showcases your dancer's progress over the years. Each show has a logo for our custom tags and ornaments, along with custom show t-shirts. Don't forget our program features! Seeing their custom collage in the program is a guaranteed way to make your dancer feel like the star of the show! We have everything you need to make your dancer feel extra special on their big day. Let's create lasting memories together and celebrate their achievements in style!

Do you own a small business? Take advantage of a prime opportunity to reach a receptive and influential audience by advertising at our Soulfire Studios performances! With our clientele comprised of creative, connected families in the thriving Summerlin area, your brand will be showcased to the perfect demographic. Elevate your business to new heights of success by reaching potential customers and making a lasting impact through supporting the arts in Las Vegas.