Facility Rental

Looking for a practical and versatile dance facility for your next film project in the bustling Summerlin area of Las Vegas? Discover Soulfire Studios! Our expansive facility spans 6000 sq. feet, housing five well-equipped dance studios, and a dedicated portrait studio.

Unlock your creative potential with our facility rental services, catering to rehearsals, choreography sessions, private instruction, birthdays, special events, and specifically tailored for photo and film shoots. Independent filmmakers will find our flexible space perfect for capturing captivating cinematography and bringing their visions to life.

Our amenities include mirrored walls, professional sound systems, natural and controlled lighting, and ample space for choreography or capturing cinematic moments. Contact us today to inquire about renting our exceptional facility at Soulfire Studios and make your next independent film project an extraordinary success, combining the artistry of dance with the magic of cinematography.